Designs by Barbara Williams

Brand and Web Design: Massage Therapist

Amelia is a massage therapist building her clientele after graduating from school. As she establishes her reputation as a professional in the field, she needs a website and branding to connect with potential clients online and in person.

Logo + Simple Branding

Amelia wanted very simple, elegant branding, so we created a logo that combined organic lines and flowing shapes.

Her monogram is especially clever for her profession since her initials are “AH” signifying both her name, and the sense of relaxation and relief that clients associate with massage.

Moodboard showing logo and custom colors for Amelia Harrison Massage

I designed square cards so that Amelia’s will stand out in the sea of massage therapist business cards where she currently works. A splash of her main branding color on the front of the card attracts attention and makes her logo easy to see and identify at a glance.

Massage Therapist business cards


Together, the client and I determined that a single-page website was best for her current situation. I built the website on the WordPress platform to make it easy to post articles and add products for sale in the future.

Screenshot of massage therapy website

It is important to make contacting her for an appointment as easy as possible, so links to schedule an appointment by email are located at the top of the page and again next to every service descriptionIt will be simple to tie these buttons into software when she upgrades to online scheduling in the future.