Designs by Barbara Williams

Illustration and Graphic Design: Infographic Concept Design

*This infographic is a concept design to visually illustrate what 10,000 steps per day looks like and encourage a more active lifestyle.

The basis for this design project was finding ways to help an audience understand what 10,000 steps means by using concepts and visual representations they can easily relate to. 

Research + Sketches

First, I researched steps as related to familiar landmarks. I explored ways to visually represent the data that I had collected. The images needed to be visually engaging while also making the information even easier to understand.

In addition to interesting and engaging illustrations, it is essential in infographic design to create a flow and tell a visual story to tie all of the elements together.

I explored various layout options, keeping to the traditional long and narrow infographic format.

The final project combines many different ways of viewing 10,000 steps into an overall layout showing movement and travel. The audience is taken from a familiar landmark in Paris, France, across the ocean to Central Park in New York City. The global importance of the message is conveyed in the overall layout as well as data and illustrations of walking around the world and even international comparisons.


I illustrated each of the images in this infographic to create a cohesive feel for the project. Because the types of information varied so much, it was essential that the overall style of illustration was consistent from bar graphs to backgrounds.

One of my favorite things about this project was imagining new ways to illustrate boring bar graphs. The flags on the boat were especially fun!

Finished Infographic

10,000 Steps Per Day Infographic