I'm Barbara

Owner and Designer at Paisley Slate

I love my job!

I believe that the world is in desperate need of kind, uplifting, and empowering voices. I love using graphic and web design solutions to help individuals and small businesses make a difference by cutting through the noise and distractions so their messages can be heard.

The Paisley Slate Story

Once upon a time

It all began with a book. Piles of books, actually. My parents adored them, and my mother was a librarian, so some of my very first memories include turning pages. I learned very early on that words are beautiful and powerful things. They build and destroy. They hurt and they heal. And they are glorious.

My collection of words continued as I studied different languages in school. To the English literature classes I was already taking I added French and then Spanish. And then, on a religious mission to Italy, I learned the rich, animated Italian language.


Over the next few years, when I wasn’t reading and raising children, I was “making” before it was really cool. Creativity kept me sane. But I quickly ran into a frustration, because in those days digital resources for creatives were expensive and restrictive. So it was natural to me to begin learning a new language: the language of design.

With the help of a mentor and some primitive design software, I learned to create my own illustrations to use as digital stamps, quotes, elements, and papers. I used them in my own projects, and then began selling them to others who were looking for creative digital resources.

Writing articles and teaching online tutorials and classes allowed me to share what I had learned, and the best part of the job was helping others find their own (sometimes hidden) creative genius.

A real Job

When my children were more independent, I worked at several jobs outside of my home that allowed me to develop skills in writing and editing, organizing information, and designing everything from print projects to websites for a local university.

Each of these jobs helped me discover my strengths and passions, and convinced me exactly what I really wanted to do when I grew up.

A Better real Job

So, with the goal of growing up before my 50th birthday, I went back to school, learned the theories and principles that make up the grammar of design, and then threw in the language of building websites for good measure. I graduated with a degree in Web Design and Development, and started Paisley Slate.

The true power in every language is in the ability it gives us to clearly and precisely communicate. Design is more than decoration: it is connecting with others in beautiful ways.

I truly believe that together we can reach your target audience more effectively as we put all of these languages to work for you!

Beautiful things are about to happen!

Let’s chat! If you know exactly what you want, and you’re ready to get started, let’s chat. If you’re completely lost, and need someone to bounce ideas off, let’s chat. If you’re shopping around for your ideal design team and want to interview me for the job, let’s chat. Let’s spend 30 minutes exploring possibilities and getting to know each other. The initial consultation is free.

The Paisley Slate Process



The key to a successful project is making sure we’re on the same page from the very beginning. Let’s chat to be sure we’re the perfect team for your project.



Once we have a contract in place, I’ll do some research, sketches, wire frames, and drafts to be sure we have a solid, goal-oriented plan in place.



This is where I use the tools and principles of design to combine ideas and plans, into a project built specifically to meet your unique goals and needs. 



It’s tempting to fall in love with the design and call it a day, but user experience is an essential part of the design process, so we’ll do some user testing!



Once we’ve used feedback to refine the design and iron out any wrinkles, you’ll approve the design and I’ll provide you with the final project.



I’m pretty sure by this point in the process we will have become best friends. I hope you’re already thinking of new projects to work on together!